Tune-Ups in Northbrook, IL

Specialized Euro Car Care -- MPC Northbrook

Proper Maintenance for High-End Performance

Located in Northbrook, Illinois, Midwest Performance Cars (MPC) is a team of passionate and dedicated European repair experts. As Euro car drivers ourselves, we appreciate high-end engineering. We also know how important proper maintenance is to keep cars running smoothly and powerfully. That’s why we offer a full range of automotive services to keep import vehicles in prime condition. We encourage our customers to stay up-to-date on factory recommended maintenance schedules — we promise it’s the best way to save money and protect your car. Tune-up service is just one way our skilled technicians can keep your car performing at its best. During this service, our technicians take a close look under the hood to assess overall engine health and make minor repairs to restore and protect optimal condition.

How Tune-Ups Benefit Your Vehicle

When you visit us for tune-up service, you are prioritizing your vehicle’s long-term health. With decades of experience working on European vehicles, our technicians have the knowledge and tools to protect your vehicle’s most important component — the engine. First, they conduct a thorough visual inspection of components to identify any worn out or damaged parts. An oil change, using the best motor oil for your specific vehicle and driving purposes, will clean and renew engine parts to boost performance. Swapping out worn out parts like spark plugs, fuel filters, and air filters, with original equipment from your vehicle’s manufacturer, will prevent more costly and complicated problems in the future. With so many benefits to protect your vehicle, it’s no wonder that tune-ups are a highly-recommended service by vehicle manufacturers. The MPC team works with the details of your specific vehicle’s recommended schedule and your driving habits to provide optimized results, saving you stress and money.

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Want to know more about how tune-up service at Midwest Performance Cars in Northbrook, Illinois could help you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns? Contact our European vehicle experts today. We are happy to answer any of your questions and concerns. Let’s talk about your individual needs and hopes for your vehicle. Our technicians help enthusiastic drivers maintain and improve performance for a thrilling driving experience. You can reach us by phone at 849-1898 or in person. We are a performance-focused shop, which means we will do everything possible to keep your car running at its best. There’s a solution for you at our brand new, state-of-the-art facility, so stop by today. We are conveniently located at 1848 Holste Road near Sunset Memorial Lawns. To get ahead of any problems, schedule your next tune-up service online now. We look forward to serving you.