How our Shop is dealing with COVID-19

As an essential service provider, we are continuing to operate our regular Monday through Friday business hours. We employ all of the CDC-recommended guidelines for safely conducting business including, but not limited to: Steam sanitizing disinfection of control surfaces, door handles and keys All personnel using protective gloves and eliminating interpersonal contact Vehicle pickup and

Pcartalk Podcast with Andy Bizub!

Porsche fans……It’s podcast day! Listen to Mike, Aaron, Adam, and me discuss Checkeditout Chicago 2019, what went into producing the show, our sponsors and supporters, the pcartalk pod, and the history and ongoing story of Midwest Performance Cars. Watch the YouTube video below or listen on your favorite podcast app!

5 Auto Repairs That Improve Vehicle Performance

Repairs for Aging Vehicles Just because your vehicle is aging, doesn’t mean it can’t perform its best! It just takes a little time and care to help your vehicle reach peak performance. MPC Northbrook is here to help! Here are five auto repairs that can improve your vehicle’s performance, regardless of its age or mileage!

MPC Northbrook Audi S3 Full Stage 2 Build

While our downtown Chicago location works through the summer jam of Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, VWs and air & water-cooled Porsches, our Northbrook location continues to grow, performing all maintenance and repair, as well as seeing an explosion of performance tuning and upgrade work. This project was an extensive performance and handling upgrade for a 2016

Luftgekuhlt 6 Porsche Event

The scene was a bit surreal, hundreds of matte-white wind turbines spinning furiously in the Palm Desert gusts. Tearing down the 10 from Palm Springs to LA in this Emory Special speedster felt like a scene from a movie, and thus began my trip to Luftgekühlt 6. This was the first Luft event that I