5 Auto Repairs That Improve Vehicle Performance

Repairs for Aging Vehicles

Just because your vehicle is aging, doesn’t mean it can’t perform its best! It just takes a little time and care to help your vehicle reach peak performance. MPC Northbrook is here to help! Here are five auto repairs that can improve your vehicle’s performance, regardless of its age or mileage!

Fluid Change or Flush

Have you kept up with regular fluid service? If not, that will be the first place you want to start to improve your car’s performance. The engine and transmission need clean fluid to function powerfully and smoothly. A flush of the system can remove built up contaminants to restore optimal performance!

Exhaust Repair or Maintenance

The exhaust system plays a huge role in engine health and performance. The catalytic converter, muffler, and oxygen sensor might wear out and could lead to a drop in engine performance. If the system is clogged, a thorough clean and check can deliver instant improvements. Be sure to seek a solution promptly as the issue could get worse and require extensive repair.

Suspension Repair

The shocks and struts, like all other parts, are not immune to aging. Replacing these components will help your vehicle run better and last longer. It could help your vehicle stop more quickly by aiding better brake performance. You might also notice a faster response when you hit the gas pedal, which offers more thrilling performance. The vehicle’s handling and radius when turning might also improve, which makes taking corners smooth as compared to a jerky experience with worn shocks and struts.

Clean the A/C

Performance doesn’t just mean how fast your car can go! You want to enjoy the performance of modern luxuries like air conditioning when driving too. To keep the climate control system in your car functioning properly, it’s a good idea to get it cleaned and serviced professionally to remove mold and grime that may have developed over time.

Get New Tires

You might not believe how much the comfort of your ride depends on your vehicle’s tires. Aging tires wear, crack, and split, making them dangerous for the handling and comfort of your ride. A new set of tires will give you better traction and control in all types of weather, while adding the cushion and support you desire.

Think your vehicle could benefit from one of these auto repairs? Make an appointment with MPC Northbrook to get started!

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